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The Slide Rail Shoring consists of individual shoring components which only inside the trench are combined to form a close shoring wall.

Plates, slide rails and rolling struts are slidable parallel to each other.

The trench width remains unchanged at any time during the construction phase. Due to this fact, the forces required for the installation and removal are considerably reduced. There is fewer vibration and the shoring itself is nearly settling-free.

The H-shape of the rolling strut offers perfect conditions in all work phases. During the phase of installation, the rolling strut is located in the lower range of the slide rail and thus gives the excavator operator a clear view and enables him to work with a short boom.

Another advantage are the large strut clearance heights, which are also continuously adjustable during the laying of the pipe. The required working width is achieved by means of distance pieces. Depending on the trench depth, the customer has the availability to choose a single, double or triple slide rail system.

einfachgleitschiene SINGLE SLIDE RAIL Series 790

This system offers a slide rail with one guide for the shoring plates. Trench depths of max. 3.80 m can be realized.

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doppelgleitschiene DOUBLE SLIDE RAIL Series 750

This system offers a slide rail with two guides for the shoring plates. Due to the second guide, not the entire shoring height but only the plate in one single guide has to be removed first.

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dreifachgleitschiene TRIPPLE SLIDE RAIL Series 740

This system offers three guides for the shoring plates. The shoring is very robust and designed for extreme site conditions. Nevertheless, the system remains fast and flexible during the assembly.

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